Here at Merciers, we collaborate with publishers, self publishers, authors, printers, government departments and associations to design and produce publications of all size, type and categories, from cover design and typesetting, through to editorial and proofreading services and eBook creations.


We offer top quality book typesetting at an affordable price


Send us your trs manuscripts, lists, headings, pictures, tables, footnotes and references and watch as we transform them into a polished, professionally formatted book, worthy of all your hard work.




From first pages to print-ready artwork files, your book will be in the hands of the best typesetters and finishing artists available. We can typeset and lay out the simplest children's book through to the most complex medical reference book.


Attention to detail and design is the difference that Merciers brings to all our work, whether we are working from our own text design or one you have supplied.


Book Cover Design


The cover design is the single most important marketing tool used to sell your book, and often the design of your cover will determine its placement on bookstore shelves and displays. A cover must reflect its content and, equally importantly, it must have a high-quality appearance. We specialise in designing eye-catching book covers for anything from novels to journals or tabletop books.


Pre-press and Print Management

We are highly experienced at providing trouble free, print-ready files. Merciers works with the latest and best software and hardware to ensure that everything we supply is compatible and hassle-free.

Our very competitive prices cannot be beaten, so when you need to be noticed, contact the friendly staff at Mercier Typesetters Pty Ltd for professional and reliable service.




 Graphic Design for Book Covers



 Book Cover Designs and Text Pages



Book Typesetting